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Art that is larger than life!

Welcome to our Web site,

Prepare to experience a new form of contemporary art,
a crystallization of the artist`s muse awaiting transfiguration in the viewer´s mind.
The technique is a freestyle expression of entoptic inspiration.
The products are eye-catching,mind-grabbing,intriguing works of art.
The harmony of forms produced through this technique is
particularly impressive given that the only instruments used are the
artist´s mind and hand.
We would do well to ask ourselves whether any of our technologically advanced
instruments can create such harmony in the human mind.

These pieces are unique, each one an original manifestation.
More than mere works of art, these pieces carry the original spark imparted to
the artist through to the viewer who, in turn becomes a creator, interpreting the message
as it links to his or her search for meaning.
The artist´s role is to let the muse in and to use his creative imagination to give life to the
initial spark of form through specific tones and colours.
The viewer´s role is to remain open to the message and possibilities.
As works of art, these pieces brighten our world.
And having thus captured our attention, they turn into meditation tools,
helping to expand our consciousness.
Tones and colours have a therapeutic effect, but so does the search for meaning.
The works as you see them displayed here can only convey
a part of their full impact.

The actual colours and dimensions of the different pieces are merely approximated here.

Color is a light and light is life !
Many thanks for your interest and your news